Hello Lichcrafters!

September Voting Livesteam:

You can watch the stream here - www.twitch.com/asian_persuasion95

 The stream will be held on - October 1st at 3 PM EST

All voter livestreams will be hosted on the first Saturday of every month at 3 PM EST

Winners are chosen randomly from a pool of voters with at least 30 votes. 

 If you missed the action, you can find a recording here

Winners of this months voting results will be displayed below. Thanks to everyone that supports us by voting! We look forward to seeing you at the livestream!


1. $200 Store Coupon:  eyesha3

2. $100 Store Coupon:  RVDV_

3. $75 Store Coupon:  Kalkune

4. $50 Store Coupon: Jobj

5. $25 Store Coupon: J_00W


Please contact Asian_Persuazn to receive your store coupons!

Congratulations to our latest staff promotions: 

[Chatmod]  30dayslater, [Chatmod] Complexxity_

Thanks everyone for voting and supporting us and good luck to everyone!

We'll see you soon!

Asian_Persuazn, Lichcraft Administrator

SimplyToni Yaaaaaaay congratz everyone!
BennnyBoi hey so just wondering what happend to taylor7227
__xXRavenXx__ Noop... didn't win, never won, hope I win for October...