3 Years of Lichcraft!

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Hello Lichcrafters!


We're here today to announce that today marks the third year Lichcraft has been running! Hard to believe it's been that amount of time already. Looking back to when I first joined, we had just about 300 site users, crazy to see how far the Lichcraft community has come. Gonna take this time to say a big thanks to few groups, the staff for working every day to keep order within the community, the build team for supplying us with builds whenever we need them for new projects, also any plugin devs that have worked with us and most of all a huge thanks to each and every member of the community. Thanks for being awesome people. Let's have another amazing year!


We're gonna celebrate this 3 year mark with a 30% sale until the 10th of February, hope you all enjoy!


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Skyblock 1 Reset Coming Soon!


We thought it was about time to reset our main Skyblock server. Along with this reset, the server has been completely revamped with new plugins and many other improvements. The island system is now functions using a chest GUI making it much easier to navigate and see exactly what's going on within your island. There are many options within this such as, create islands in Normal World, Nether or The End, manage settings within each of your islands, visit other islands using just a few clicks and very clearly see your challenge progress.


Main Menu:

You've got four options here. First shows how many islands you can own, how many you can create on that day and by clicking on this you will enter the next menu where you choose which world you'd like your island to be in. Clicking the dirt will bring up a menu showing your current islands. The counter on the dirt is how many island you currently own. Next item a long is used to visit other islands, will have more information on that further down this post. The last option brings up the challenge menu.



Skyblock Island World Selection:

This part explains itself really. You just have to click on which ever block represents the world type you'd like your island to be in.



Your Islands Display:

With this menu you can see all the islands you currently own, their coordinates and which world type they are in, also the island you are currently on will be highlighted with an enchantment effect. By clicking on each of these you will bring up island management for that island.



Island Management:

Here we have lots of options, starting from the left you have teleport to the currently selected island, change welcome message, toggle pvp for the island, change biome type, island score, visit requests which you can either accept or decline, manage members permissions within your island, boot a visitor option, delete island and finally you can use the bed to set your island home.



Visiting Menu:

Ender eye is used to visit islands you are currently added to, once clicked it will bring up a list of all the islands you're add on. Hovering over each will display the owner of the island and the coordinates of their island. Next to that is the option to visit islands you are not added to. Using this is really simple, you just click it, then type their name in chat. That will send over a visitor request to them.



Challenge menu:

Here you will find various interesting challenges ranking in this order, Easy, Medium, Hard and Master. Hopefully this will allow you to track the achievements you've earned on Skyblock easily.



Skyblock 2 Reset Coming Soon!


We are also going to take this chance to reset our Skyblock 2 server. Bringing in most of the improvements listed above. Also there is a much bigger area to trade with villagers, so there's plenty more space for extra trades to be added as suggestions come in. Here's a look at the new spawn area:



Also one quick note before the end of this post. Please avoid changing your Minecraft username for the next week or so if you can. There are still a few features within our systems that need to be converted to register under UUID.




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