Hello Lichcrafters!


Here's the information for this months voting livestream!

Here's the link to the voting database - http://we.tl/HrfCjarGFM

1. gracosacapotato - Alienware PC

2. NYXZ_MARX - $500 coupon

3. LittleChineseMan - $300 coupon

4. LambuSkeii - $100 coupon

5. Theronical - $50 coupon

Big thanks to everyone that continues to vote for us and thanks to anyone that has just started recently. Helps us out a huge amount! Hope everyone enjoys and we'll see you next month!

lkbz and Brad

teetasse789 I tried to get Emp for a discount at 10:30 (late night) and te sale was over? I'm a hero and I would've oved to get emp ...
unicornsocks07 i cant open chests in c1 so how do i fix it
unicornsocks07 I haven't been able to open chest for 3 days