Hello Lichcrafters!


January Voting Livestream:

You can watch the stream here - www.twitch.com/lichcraft22

The stream was on - Sunday, Febuary 7th @ 3 PM Eastern Standard Time

Here are the winners of this months voting results! Thanks to everyone that joined us for the livestream.

1. Alienware PC Winner: MrMysteriousBlob

2. $500 store coupon: xKrulesCreepers

3. $300 store coupon: IronMan24

4. $100 store coupon: Fausts

5. $50 store coupon: Bruzano

Check your in game mail for coupon codes!

Congratulations to our new staff members,  GreenFrigate, Zenos_ and Briz_. Also to the promotions of TheSovietReunion, MoreRicePlease, Nick1993, and FlubbyBunBun.

Thanks everyone for voting and supporting us and good luck to everyone next month!

We'll see you soon!


YouQuickDrop GG, use it well!
xTheEthan BOOO LOL just mail me the alienware c:
iRavil Congrats to everyone!