Hello Lichcrafters!

Lichcraft Creative Update:

We have implemented quite a few updates to our creative servers which we know you will love... Check it out HERE.  (Link coming soon)

Lichcraft Store Update:

Check out the *New* items in our Lichcraft store...  Click on [STORE] at the top of this page to check it out!  We have brought back our legacy ranks (VIP, Premium, Elite, Hero, King, Princess, Emperor, & Empress)

June Voting Livesteam:

You can watch the stream here - www.twitch.com/lichcraft22

 The stream will be held on - Saturday, July 02, 2016 at 3PM EST

If you missed the action, you can find it here! (coming soon)

Winners of this months voting results will be displayed below. Thanks to everyone that supports us by voting... We look forward to seeing you at the livestream!


1. $250 Paypal Cash:  TheOneAlex

2. $200 Store Coupon:  djcookie12

3. $100 Store Coupon:  Jared4203

4. $50 Store Coupon: ImDbzz

5. $25 Store Coupon: SilaTek


Privately message Asian_Persuazn to receive your coupon codes!

Congratulations to our latest staff promotions: 

[Chatmod] Blizard19, , [Chatmod] KawaiiWendell, [Chatmod] cm_mine, [Chatmod] mcmaster3210, [Moderator] TheOnly_Juan, & [Moderator] nighthelper

Thanks everyone for voting and supporting us and good luck to everyone!

We'll see you soon!

Nick1993, Lichcraft Administrator

DominantPower I need a mod to help me because I bought rank Elite and it doesn't show up.
WilliamRocket10 i can't log in
WilliamRocket10 I need a mod to help me get on i bought rank elite and i can log on now,please get in contact with me and help.