Hello Lichcrafters!

News and Information

We know that it has been a while since we have updated you guys, but we are ready to take some new steps to improve the server. First up, our new official discord which you can join here. This will allow us to get better feedback and announce upcoming events and news.

Staff Changes:

Since its been a while, please check out the full list of current staff members listed here!

Congratulations to our latest staff promotions: 

[Chatmod] HugTed

Summer Time Changes:

Monthly voters will be coming back and will continue until the end of time!
Same rules will apply from previous monthly voters. 

Minigame nights with staff will be beginning to increase community bonding!
Start date: TBD 

Asian_Persuazn,  Lichcraft Administrator

CHUBBY_PANDUH Is Prison's broken? I literally joined it last week and now it kept saying error.
MimiLovesCookies I can't log onto lichcraft on minecraft version 1.12.1, I've tried to download the older version and it isnt w...
JoStachePlayz Umm, can someone help me... I have no idea how to get into the server and if I try it says outdated server...