Hello Lichcraft! Here's the latest news.

New Site Look:

Our site has been completely revamped from the ground up and is looking epic! For the past month we've been working with AT Slayer a very popular person throughout Enjin because of his amazing coding and design skills. He's worked extremely hard on this new site so we'd like to say a massive thanks to him! Here's a quick tour around some of the new features:

New and improved navbar menu with neat buttons and user drop down options:

Slick player count and I.P display (with instant copy to clipboard buttons)

Nice little announcement display at the top:

News tags are now displayed at the bottom and look much better:

Brilliant vote page with click rewards popup:

One of the biggest changes, all of our guides on one page:

For easy navigation there is a button that opens a fast travel to any section of the page:

Donor and staff list pages have been redesigned:

Our shop has also had some small but neat changes to fit the new theme:

New Friend System

This new plugin is truly amazing, and will be added to Lichcraft very soon. You will be able  gather all of your friends into one simple list and chat with them on any Lichcraft server! Friend lists have been requested many times and are seen throughout most games, so we thought it would be awesome to add it to Lichcraft. Here is the new commands you'll need to know:

/friends - see your friendlist
/friend add <player> - send a friend request to someone
/friend message/msg/m <player> <name> - send a msg to a friend over any server
/friend requests - see/accept/deny friend requests

That's it for now people. Thanks for reading!


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