Hello Lichcrafters!

*New server updates below*

(May 19, 2016)


May Voting Livestream:

You can watch the stream here - www.twitch.com/lichcraft22

 The stream will be held on - May 6th at 4 PM EST

Winners of this months voting results will be displayed below. Thanks to everyone that supports us by voting... We look forward to seeing you at the livestream!

 If you missed the action, you can find a recording of it here!

1. $250 Paypal Cash:  11thRaggedyMan

2. $200 Store Coupon:  GavinNice

3. $100 Store Coupon:  Mrkillzkilla

4. $50 Store Coupon:  Fluffie11

5. $25 Store Coupon:  Unicorn_Gamer


Check your in game mail for coupon codes!

Congratulations to our latest staff promotions: 

 [Chatmod] Itzericfam, [Chatmod] kariline, & [Chatmod] Ordinarywombat

A few server updates:

  • On Factions & Prison we have implemented a no hit delay for PVP.  Note: It has not taken affect in all worlds on Factions.

  • Duels is officially a 1.8 & 1.9 server.  To connect to duels 1.8 you must launch Minecraft as 1.8.9 and when you connect to Lichcraft, you will automatically be joined to duels. 

  • We have also added a few new items into our store including a lion pet, snake pet, wings, and much more!  Check it out at store.lichcraft.com

  • HCSurvival is resetting!  The time for the reset will be TBA, but the server will be down for about an hour during reset. 

  • Speedbuilders (minigame) will be coming to Lichcraft soon! 

Thanks everyone for voting and supporting us and good luck to everyone!

We'll see you soon!

Nick1993, Lichcraft Administrator

TheJakeNub Of course... Still no hit delay plugin on survival
BennnyBoi (this is to anyone who wasent at the stream today) Stream Went Great why Weren't you there probably the funniest ti...
BreezeIsOP PM me if you can buy my Supporter for a month!