Here's the information for this months voting results!


Link to Live-stream -

(Livestream will take place at 4 PM EST on May 4.)

Link to the voting database -

Winners will be announced in the stream.

1. nordic125 - Alienware PC

2. ORURO - $500 coupon

3. BigfootHunter69 - $300 coupon

4. DarkZeus_HD & oRonny - $100 coupon

5. Mouzerd & YoloPvPer28 - $50 coupon

Thanks everyone who takes part in voting for us every month. We appreciate it a lot! Hope everyone enjoys and we'll see you next month!


PirathR Wait! I remember a guy called Hellobrad101 or something. Is he still here?
boss i'm scammed by dizcos it was 40k for elite and he scammed me can some1 help me?
xxAlphA_7 Wait,sorry I am a bit confused. How will I win these prizes?