The sale is now over!

Here's the information for this months voting results!


Link to Live-stream -

(8pm (EST) on the 20th of July.)

Link to the voting database -

Winners will be announced in the stream.

1. Bomlex - Alienware PC

2. Copkid - $500 coupon

3. Henning140 - $300 coupon

4. ZeProXd - $100 coupon

5. Carbonwyre - $50 coupon

Check your in game mail for coupon codes!

Thanks everyone for voting for us! You guys are the best!

There's also some news that's been posted in our News and Announcements forum section you may want to check out -

[Click here to go to the forum]

Have fun!

We'll see you next month.


Stormmuffy Congrats to winners Enjoy your prizes To everyone else. Better luck next time! ...
Creeperkiller19 Gratz winners and i wish all people good luck for the next time (:
FrogHermit If you're reading this I love you