Hello everyone!


Today I have some news and the results from the Voting LiveStream.


Vote LiveStream results:


1st Prize - Alienware X51 PC worth $1,250 - Relyts_Pie


2nd Prize - $500 Coupon - sydmolasses


3rd Prize - $300 Coupon - buskirk2003


4th Prize - $100 Coupon - xNexusPvpx


5th Prize - $50 Coupon - Dermadox


To claim your prizes, you just need to message either Me or Lichcraft22 the word "Prize" and we will get back to you on what you need to do next.


Staff list changes:


As some of you may know, I announced some promotions last night. We don't often post these sort of things, however being as we now have a new Admin, I thought it would be worth mentioning.


Our new Admin is Fozzew, we also have 2 new Mods and Chatmods, which can be found here: http://lichcraft.com/staff

Where is HCSurvival?


I announced last month that we would be opening a new Survival server, however due to a lot of issues, we have had to delay its opening. Main issues is with the machine we bought for it constantly breaking down.


We will announce its re-opening again shortly in the News and Announcements forum section.

That is all for now.

Thanks again everyone for the support during February to celebrate our 3rd year as a server.

More coming soon


RioDeJaneiro @ Lichcraft Factions ...
Also, what date and time will the LiveStream be? I want to watch it.
piersabout cooolio
RioDeJaneiro @ Lichcraft Factions ...
What is the name of the Twitch channel that the live stream will be broadcasted from?