Hello Lichcrafters!

August Voting Livesteam:

You can watch the stream here - www.twitch.com/asian_persuasion95

 The stream will be held on - September 5th at 4 PM EST

If you missed the action, you can find it here

All further voter livestreams will be hosted on the first Saturday of every month at 3 PM EST

Winners are chosen randomly from a pool of voters with at least 30 votes. 


Winners of this months voting results will be displayed below. Thanks to everyone that supports us by voting... We look forward to seeing you at the livestream!

1. $250 Paypal Cash:  xXKillaKatzeXx

2. $100 Store Coupon:  Dash220

3. $75 Store Coupon:  DR490NkilL3R

4. $50 Store Coupon: kernollie8

5. $25 Store Coupon: eladd


Please contact Asian_Persuazn to receive your store coupons!

Congratulations to our latest staff promotions: 

[Chatmod]  DJzApocalypse,  [Chatmod] tyrite, & [Chatmod] Puuftie

Thanks everyone for voting and supporting us and good luck to everyone!

We'll see you soon!

Nick1993, Lichcraft Administrator

CaptainDragonite I was banned for killaura and I don't know why. I wasn't using it.
ColBatko Okay I got banned and I don't know why? how do I get unbanned?