Happy holidays everyone!

Lichcraft is celebrating this time of year by putting up a huge 40% off sale on all items in our store until the 10th of January!

/kit christmas will also be active throughout this time!

The kit will include:
- 16 Golden Apples
- 5 Bottle o' Enchanting
- 1 Spruce Sapling
- 16 Red Wool
- 16 Green Wool
- 1 Cocoa Bean
- Present and Snowman Player Heads

Our Hubs have had some nice winter decoration added to them, check it out:

Thanks everyone and have a great time where ever you are!


Amar2468 Can we get more staff in factions? I will apply for staff I fit all the requirements listed.
KCSlaya53 can u plz add the ability to buy mob spawners, mob eggs, and put down item frames in factions. thx
bubblemuffin2 on factions kit christmas is still kit halloween..