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New island says I don't own it anymore?

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About 20-30 minutes ago I was on my island underneath it, trying to get some of the dirt to expand it out. I was afk for a couple of minutes and came back and was at the hub. I went back to skyblock2 and was on my island but it wouldn't let me break any of my blocks or place them. I am able to open my chests and get things out but that's it. i open the /is menu and it tells me that i do not own any islands, and I am not added to any islands, when I was added to my daughters island (rosebud4155) and our friend hobos900. Before my island was working beautifully other then it said you can break blocks but it let me do it at the same time. I thought the message was a glitch that would go away since the blocks broke anyhow. Now the Island Challenges the ones that I did they still show that I did them. If I could have some help with this I would appreciate it. Thank you for you time.

Mrs Leach
Posted Feb 6, 15 · OP
There is a glitch with islands, staff are working on fixing it right now. I'd just be patient.
Boeing 777-300ER
Posted Feb 6, 15