Hello Lichcrafters!


While Asian is off eating his Halloween candy I am going to fill you all in with the monthly recap and updates for October. The staff team hopes you all enjoyed your Halloween and received a ton of good candy (no granola bars!) Last month marked the start of some community events that are coming to Lichcraft in the future months.

 Last month happened to be the Official October Creative build comp! As a little congratulations to the winners and a special thanks to everyone who partook in the comp here are the results. (Please check your enjin mail if you have won.)

(Picture above = 1st Place Winner)


1st Place: Eclipses_ (/warp CastleOfSp00ks)
2nd Place: StarRaptorLord (Sp00ky)
3rd Place: NatieJessie (Natieblue_Halloween)
4th Place: xxkatieiscoolxx (Scarycontest)
5th Place: Dovedeity (Amirhalloween)

Fret not if you didn't win. There will be more events to come in the future!


More community events to come such as creative free builds, activities, factions events, etc. Make sure to check the News & Announcements section of the forums to not miss out on an event. More community involvement from staff will start taking place shortly as well as many server improvements possible from staff.

Staff Information

Lichcraft is always looking for someone who is dedicated to help improve Lichcraft therefore don't be afraid to apply for staff. Thank you to all past and present staff as your service is greatly appreciated because without you Lichcraft wouldn't be Lichcraft.

[Moderator] SourSky

That is all folks! Congrats to all the winners and lets hope for a excellent rest of 2017!

SourSky, Lichcraft Moderator

HomeSkillet4Ever is it ever coming back? I loved this server!!
Dermadox What happened to Lichcraft??
Miner_Kardashian lichcraft was such an iconic server with the most amazing people. i will always love my experience here